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We know making your mark on the world takes guts

This is for organisations who are determined to make a difference and dare to be different. It's not easy, but it can be fun!

In a rapidly changing world it's not those who copy what's already been done that succeed, but the emerging leaders that find their own path.

Are you looking for a Creative Partner to help bring your ideas to life?

Whether you are building a website, business, or brand, the creative process is the same.
Maija and her team at Pixink are here to guide you every step of the way.


Do you need to find your focus and experience clarity? Fresh eyes will help you transform your most pressing business problems into opportunities for growth. Contact us to share your ideas, and get help with your next steps.

Strategy and Planning

Let us help you make purposeful progress with confidence and ease. We offer creative input and how-to advice to help you design your brand blueprint and write your project brief or creative marketing strategy.

Implementation for Growth

Tired of feeling invisible? Re-building your website and applying your brand across all media is just one of the things we can do to make your brand visible and real in the world. For reliable, pro-active support contact Pixink about your plans for growth.

New posts

News and articles by Maija Liepins, the lead designer, strategist, and creativity guide at Pixink Ltd.

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Every creative partnership starts with a conversation

To find out if you'd like to work with us book a free consultation with Maija

We'll discuss:

  • Where you are at
    ...and where you want to be.
  • What you need help with.
  • Ideas for next steps.
  • Anything else you're curious about.

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Maija Liepins

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"Maija is one of those rare people who combines immense creative powers with a high level of accountability and clear vision. Her keen insight, communicative skills and dedication make her an asset for any person or company who is looking to effectively communicate their uniqueness to the world. Maija helps unveil, establish and design tailor made branding in support of ones unique qualities and vision. She is also very charming, trustworthy and a fun person to work with!" - Astrid Jacobs

Maija's skills

Idea generation
How-to coaching
Technical support
Creative problem solving

Maija's knowledge

Brand strategy
Website Design
Website Build, HTML/CSS
Engagement strategy


why talk to Maija?

user-xsAlasdair North, Runway Ltd

What we talked about got me thinking so much that I've ended up pivoting the company to do pretty much what we discussed. The Meaningful Work Matrix worked better than anything I've come across so far, and gave me a way of crystalising the thoughts that had been going round in my head for the previous months.

user-xsLynn Parnell, Logistics Partners

I spent some time with Maija to review my web-site and make plans for an new design. Maija is very knowledgeable and was fantastic at helping me focus on what I wanted from the web-site and also had really great ideas I had not thought of. The meeting was really enjoyable, due to the way Maija works, and I came out very motivated to take the next steps.

user-xsRichard Gigg, Shirlaws

'Leaves no stone unturned' is the most appropriate statement I would apply to Maija. If you want to make the right creative decision for your business then you need to speak to Maija at Pixink. Often creatives have an idea they want to push forward, Maija is a truly great listener which means she comes up with creative ideas relevant for you.