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PRISM EPI Assessment

Discover what will make the most meaningful difference to your brand engagement and business performance.

The EPI Assessment will only take a few minutes of your time to complete, but it is a giant step toward building a distinctive, magnetic and meaningful brand.

I am super excited to be introducing the concept of finding your Energy Position. Your Energy Position relates to a quality of experience: the experience people have of your business.

The Energy Position Indicator (EPI) works on the understanding that the energy in your business reveals how levels of engagement amongst prospects and employees can be improved.

This diagnostic tool draws upon the six key areas that effect brand engagement, so it doesn't just focus on one area of your business. You will get an indication of how your brand is performing overall and where to focus your attention for the most meaningful results.

This complementary service is a conversation starter and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Find your Energy Position and get an overview of how your brand is performing

Your complementary assessment includes...

Your Personal Login

When you recieve your link to the EPI tool - take your time to answer the questions. Each question relates to one or more of the 6 keys.

PDF Report

When you complete the survey you will get a PDF report showing your Current Energy Position for each key area.

You'll be able to read up on what a high Energy Position and low Energy Position looks like for each area. This serves as an introduction to the key concepts you need to know to create a distinctive brand and a meaningful brand strategy.

A Complimentary Brand Booster Session

I will be in touch to schedule a complementary, follow up meeting. We'll discuss your results and I'll share tips and advice relevant to your specific circumstances.

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